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Writer's Block: Wild Life

[Error: unknown template qotd]"In the wild" where?

It depends on the location, what's available, and what I have with me and various other circumstances. If I was dropped in the middle of the arctic with nothing, I'm pretty sure I'd freeze to death pretty damn quick. If I was dropped in the middle of somewhere with no reachable water source, I'd be pretty screwed also. If I was somewhere with a whole bucnh of dangerous wildlife, I also would be a bit of a goner. If I was stuck in a vaguely deciduous forest I think I'd be ok for a while as long as there was water available. And some form of food source. Nice catchable animals might be ok and various planty things though I'm hardly an expert when trying to decide if my meal looks poisonous.  I might even be ok in a different climate. It also depends on what sort of supplies I had with me, if any. Just as long as you don't drop me on some island with a bunch of boys. I don't want a real life Lord of the Flies.

If you want a brief answer to this question: I know basic survival skills. All that shelter building, fire starting, navigation stuff.

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