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Icon meme

1. Reply to this post, and I will pick five of your icons.
2. Make a post (including the meme info) and talk about the icons I chose.
3. Other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.
4. This will create a never-ending cycle of icon glee

Mine are chosen by [info]bluebeing


Good Ideas: This is a picture of a foot that I drew freehand on Paint (which explains the deformed-ness of it) with a not-quite quote from Blackadder. Baldrick tells Blackadder that having a good idea is dangerous because it may cause your foot to fall off. When questioned further, he says that his uncle had the good idea of cutting is toe nails with a scythe and his foot fell off. I use this icon when I'm writing about an idea or plan for something, something new that I've tried, something that didn't quite go as planned, or anything else that I think fits with this quote.

PAIN: I originally made this icon to use as an avatar in the Steelsings chat when Beca and I briefly became GekklesBekkles (or: Doctor Bekkles and Nurse Gekkles) and operated on people with the Crapulator. The Crapulator was operated by Beca, and I, as Nurse Gekkles would clear up the Crapule afterwards. Then I decided I should have some sort of thing to use on people, so I decided on the Pointy Abrasive Injection Needle or P.A.I.N. I use this icon if I've hurt or injured myself or done something very tiring or painful.

Ukulele: This is a picture from a sleepover at Leila's house. I just quite liked the picture and decided to upload it as an lj icon. I also like the hat which belongs to leila. The ukulele is mine, and I can't actually play it I'm just pretending for the purpose of this picture. (The other picture of me taken at this time is one with me wearing the same hat, and in the same place on the sofa, but with my eyes closed, a cigarette in my mouth and a vodka bottle in my hand. For the record, I didn't actually smoke or drink anything). I like this icon because it looks like I'm just generally having carefree fun, so I use it when I'm in a generally happy mood or have had a generally happy day, or just done something that's just fun.

Pirate: This is a picture from when I went to see the 3rd Pirates of the Caribbean movie while dressed as a pirate. Like the Ukulele one, I'm just looking pretty cheerful and carefree in this one. I use it for entries when where I want a userpic that basically says "tada!" or "hooray!" or when I'm in a cheerful / excitable mood.

Gingerhouse: This is a picture of me with a gingerbread house that I made around September 2008. I was using my fingers to walk along the path, while going "la la la la!". I use this icon for entries where I'm writing about something a bit silly or also for ones that are quite fun or happy. I think of this icon as saying "tralalalala!".