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I'm sure you know the rules, but just in case: I put my music player on shuffle, type out the start of the lyrics of the first 30 things that play, you guess the song, I cross it off the list and put your name by it. You repost the meme if you want to. No cheating by looking up the lyrics on google or whatever.

[Also, I made the unguessed ones red so they're easier to spot in all the line crossings.]

1) I ache for the touch of your lips dear, but much more for the touch of your whips dear, you can raise welts like nobody else The Masochism Tango, Tom Lehrer - [info]eternity112
2) I gave to you a hen, you gave it back again, without its eggs, my Annie Awkward Annie, Kate Rusby (2007) - [info]dementedleaf
3) I am the cobbler's daughter, I'm thought of rude and mean, but a finer and a bonnier lass, you have never seen Cobbler's Daughter, Kate Rusby (1999) - [info]dementedleaf
4) We're clearly soldiers in petticoats, and dauntless crusaders for women's votes Sister Suffragette, sung by Mrs Banks in Mary Poppins (1964) -[info]secondsilencer
5) Within the fire and out upon the sea, crazy man Michael was walking Crazy Man Michael, Fairport Convention - [info]dementedleaf
6) Oh, life is bigger. It's bigger than you and you are not me Losing my religion, REM (1991) - [info]bluebeing
7) They say we're young and we don't know, we won't find out until we grow I got you babe - Sonny and Cher (1965) - [info]barefoot_gen
8) A winter's day, on a deep and dark December. I am alone, gazing from my window to the streets below I am a rock - Simon and Garfunkel (1965) -[info]barefoot_gen
9) I wanna be the very best, that no one ever was. To catch them all is my real test, to train them is my cause Pokemon Theme Song (1999) - [info]josephine813
10) Put your faith in what you most believe in. Two worlds, one family Two Worlds, Phil Collins (from the 1999 disney film Tarzan) - [info]eternity112
11) Shiny happy people laughing, meet me in the crowd, people people, throw your love around Shiny Happy People, REM (1991) - [info]dementedleaf
12) I got it from Agnes, she got it from Jim, we all agree it must have been Louise who gave it to him. I got it from Agnes, Tom Lehrer - [info]dementedleaf
13) I courted a sailor for six months and many, I courted a sailor now he's far from me I courted a sailor - Kate Rusby (2001) - [info]eternity112
14) Lavender's blue, dilly dilly, lavender's green. When you are king, dilly dilly, I shall be queen Lavender's Blue, English Folk Song -[info]barefoot_gen
15) There once was a man called Oedipus Rex, you may have heard about his odd complex, his name appears in Freud's index Oedipus Rex, Tom Lehrer - [info]dementedleaf
16) I want to break free. I want to break free. I want to break free from your lies, you're so self satisfied I don't need you I want to break free, Queen (1984) - [info]eternity112
17) At first I was afraid, I was petrified. Kept thinking I could never live without you by my side I will survive, Gloria Gaynor (1978) -[info]barefoot_gen
18) Brain fried tonight through misuse, through misuse, through misuse, you can't avoid static abuse, abuse, abuse. Monster, The Automatic - [info]fallensky2
19) I got my first real six-string. Bought it at the five and dime. Played it till my fingers bled, was the summer of '69 Summer of '69, Bryan Adams (1984) -[info]barefoot_gen
20) Look for the bare necessities, the simple bare necessities, forget about your worries and your strife. The bare necessities from The Jungle Book disney film (1967) -[info]barefoot_gen
21) I used to think maybe you loved me, now baby I'm sure. And I just can't wait till the day when you knock on my door Walking on Sunshine - Katrina and the Waves (1985) -[info]barefoot_gen
22) Once I called you brother, once I thought the chance to make you laugh was all I ever wanted The Plagues from the movie The Prince of Egypt (1998) - [info]emo_mz
23) If there's a prize for rotten judgement, I guess I've already won that I won't say I'm in love, Disney's Hercules (1997) -[info]barefoot_gen
24) I could wile away the hours, conferring with the flowers, consulting with the rain If I only had a brain, from 1939 film The Wizard of Oz  - [info]bluebeing
25) Hey, listen up, your attention if you please, we wanna give you a warning 'cause I found out this morning
26) They're creepy and they're kooky, mysterious and spooky, they're altogether ooky Addam's family theme - [info]barefoot_gen
27) Some people might like to get a train to work, or drive in in a beamer or a merc London Underground, Amateur Transplants - [info]beltania
28) A holiday, a holiday, the first one of the year, Lord Donald's wife came into the church, the gospel for to hear Matty Groves, Fairport Convention - [info]dementedleaf
29) Sunshine, lollipops and rainbows, everything that's wonderful is what i feel when we're together
30) I'm jake the peg deedle eedle eedle um with his extra leg deedle eedle eedle um Jake the Peg, Rolf Harris (1960s) - [info]eternity112





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1. Randomly pick a song from your music library.
2. Find the lyrics for the first four verses/chorus
3. Go to Google translation and translate the lyrics into German.
4. Take the new German lyrics and translate them into French.
5. Take the new French lyrics and translate them into English.
6. Post the NEW English lyrics and have people guess the original song.

The spring is here, the spring is there.
Life is from police, and life is pint.
I think that the nicest period of the year is the spring.
I make it, that it agrees?  Lesson to make.
But it a thing which comes out again ended for me,
and made each on Sunday a pleasure for me.

Everybody seems in air, the Spring of afternoon,
if to poison us of pigeons in the park.
Each on Sundays, you will see
My darling and me,
as poisoning it to us of pigeons in the park.

When they see us to come, all try hides,
but they are still for peanuts,
if angestrichen, by potassium cyanide.
The sun shining clearly,
Each seems completely correct,
if poison us of pigeons in the park.

Wow, I think it worked pretty well!

Icon meme

Apr. 25th, 2009 06:32 pm
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1. Reply to this post, and I will pick five of your icons.
2. Make a post (including the meme info) and talk about the icons I chose.
3. Other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.
4. This will create a never-ending cycle of icon glee

Mine are chosen by [info]bluebeing


Good Ideas: This is a picture of a foot that I drew freehand on Paint (which explains the deformed-ness of it) with a not-quite quote from Blackadder. Baldrick tells Blackadder that having a good idea is dangerous because it may cause your foot to fall off. When questioned further, he says that his uncle had the good idea of cutting is toe nails with a scythe and his foot fell off. I use this icon when I'm writing about an idea or plan for something, something new that I've tried, something that didn't quite go as planned, or anything else that I think fits with this quote.

PAIN: I originally made this icon to use as an avatar in the Steelsings chat when Beca and I briefly became GekklesBekkles (or: Doctor Bekkles and Nurse Gekkles) and operated on people with the Crapulator. The Crapulator was operated by Beca, and I, as Nurse Gekkles would clear up the Crapule afterwards. Then I decided I should have some sort of thing to use on people, so I decided on the Pointy Abrasive Injection Needle or P.A.I.N. I use this icon if I've hurt or injured myself or done something very tiring or painful.

Ukulele: This is a picture from a sleepover at Leila's house. I just quite liked the picture and decided to upload it as an lj icon. I also like the hat which belongs to leila. The ukulele is mine, and I can't actually play it I'm just pretending for the purpose of this picture. (The other picture of me taken at this time is one with me wearing the same hat, and in the same place on the sofa, but with my eyes closed, a cigarette in my mouth and a vodka bottle in my hand. For the record, I didn't actually smoke or drink anything). I like this icon because it looks like I'm just generally having carefree fun, so I use it when I'm in a generally happy mood or have had a generally happy day, or just done something that's just fun.

Pirate: This is a picture from when I went to see the 3rd Pirates of the Caribbean movie while dressed as a pirate. Like the Ukulele one, I'm just looking pretty cheerful and carefree in this one. I use it for entries when where I want a userpic that basically says "tada!" or "hooray!" or when I'm in a cheerful / excitable mood.

Gingerhouse: This is a picture of me with a gingerbread house that I made around September 2008. I was using my fingers to walk along the path, while going "la la la la!". I use this icon for entries where I'm writing about something a bit silly or also for ones that are quite fun or happy. I think of this icon as saying "tralalalala!".


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Go to
Including the quotation marks, type in "[YOUR NAME] needs" (in my case, it's "Emma needs")
Take the top 15 results and post them.

1. Emma needs serious help (damn, so true)
2. Emma needs helpful answers (again, true)
3. Emma needs a love song (yes please!)
4. Emma needs a belt rather badly (this one is probably the most interesting so far)
5. Emma needs Australia (and can I have that to go please?)
6. Emma needs YOU! (yes, it had the capitals and the exclamation mark)
7. Emma needs you to be the man she needs (yes, YOU!)
8. Emma needs a new code name (I'm thinking 007, any thoughts?)
9. Emma needs a home (and remember - Geckos are for life, not for christmas!)
10. Emma needs more prayers (I'm sorry guys, the ones you've been giving have not been enough)
11. Emma needs to gain weight (google knows who I am)
12. Emma needs a BUTTON! (must. press. button)
13. Emma needs a new home by Saturday due to son's allergies (for those of you who have children and don't know it, there is a daycare on the second floor)
14. EMMA NEEDS SURGERY ON HER OTHER HIP (and it was all in caps. But... what happened to my first hip!? o.O)
15. Emma needs an ice pack (it's probably for my hip :( )


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