Feb. 28th, 2009

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So, Walkers crisps have developed 6 new flavours which we (the British public) are supposed to vote on, to decide which one will become walkers’ new flavour.


Now, here’s the thing. Some of the flavours sounded downright… strange. Chilli and chocolate? Cajun squirrel? I’ve decided to do a taste test to let you all know what I think of these flavours. I will be writing up the results as I taste the crisps.


Here we go.


Chilli and Chocolate

Thoughts Before Tasting: Right, so this is the flavour that mostly struck me as odd, and therefore I have made it my first choice – I’m just way too curious. Before tasting, my only thoughts are “walkers – WHAT were you thinking.


Smell: they appear to smell vaguely similar to chilli sensations but with a hint of something gone off


The taste: Ok, I have to say. They taste neither like chocolate nor chilli. There’s an initial taste of burnt toast, followed by a tingly spicy sensation. There’s no real flavour other than a sort of burnt meat taste hanging out in the background. A few more crisps have convinced me that I don’t like this flavour and I will not be eating any more of it. I think I’ll have some water and move on.


Cajun Squirrel

Thoughts Before Tasting: I’m not really expecting much from this and have been told by a friend that they taste of ‘generic spicy meat flavour’.


Smell: Smells almost identical to Roast Chicken Flavour Walkers’ crisps.


The taste: My first thought was ‘gravy’ when I tried this.  They most definitely taste of salty, vaguely spicy chicken stock. They’re certainly edible but I probably would never buy them again if I saw them. I’ll leave these to the side with the burnt toast flavour.


Builder’s Breakfast

Thoughts Before Tasting: All I can say is that there’s a slightly disturbing picture on the font of a smiley face made of eggs, sausage, tomato, bacon and ketchup. It’s almost enough to put me off them.


Smell: Not at all like any breakfast I ever smelled. Or if I smelled breakfast like this, I wouldn’t eat it. Sort of like burnt toast again, but with an eggy smell too.


The Taste: Not really much taste at all. I had to eat a few. There’s a vague taste of bacon in there and it’s a little eggy but otherwise, not really much to it. I wouldn’t say no to a bag of these, but I wouldn’t exactly pick them as a first choice for flavour. I guess I’d eat them if there were no other flavours left.



Crispy Duck and Hoisin

Thoughts Before Tasting: There’s a picture of a duck made of crisps on the front. Other than that, I don’t think this one sounds that bad.


The smell: Woah! Overpowering smell of… I’m not sure but it’s not good. Sort of like I might expect Chinese takeout to smell if I left it out for a few weeks.


The Taste: YUCK! That’s all I can say! Worst crisp I’ve ever tried. I’d rather have the chilli and chocolate! I’ve even resorted to a mouthful of Builder’s Breakfast to cover the taste.


Onion Bhaji

Thoughts  Before Tasting: I’m sort of expecting these to taste like cheese and onion or something. There’s a rather gross picture on the front of a guy with an onion as a head, and some pretty gross looking onion bhajis.


Smell: Smells like… onion. Which is a good thing, I guess.


The Taste: Not bad. Similar to cheese and onion flavour. Quite oniony. I’d say these are the best ones so far. I wouldn’t mind a packet of these with my lunch.


Fish and Chips

Thoughts Before Tasting: I’m hoping these will be good since they’re the last ones. If not, I guess I can always vote for the onion ones.


Smell: Smells like the market when I walk past the fish.


The Taste: These are pretty all right actually. A little bit too fishy maybe but not at all bad. I think I’ll still go for the onion ones for being best. I don’t think I could eat a whole packet of these fish ones. Actually, now I notice a slight aftertaste of fish guts.



Walkers have outdone themselves this time. And not in a good way. I wouldn’t suggest eating any of these flavours, but if you really have to – go for the onion. And keep well back from the duck ones!


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