Feb. 22nd, 2009

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Go to Google.com
Including the quotation marks, type in "[YOUR NAME] needs" (in my case, it's "Emma needs")
Take the top 15 results and post them.

1. Emma needs serious help (damn, so true)
2. Emma needs helpful answers (again, true)
3. Emma needs a love song (yes please!)
4. Emma needs a belt rather badly (this one is probably the most interesting so far)
5. Emma needs Australia (and can I have that to go please?)
6. Emma needs YOU! (yes, it had the capitals and the exclamation mark)
7. Emma needs you to be the man she needs (yes, YOU!)
8. Emma needs a new code name (I'm thinking 007, any thoughts?)
9. Emma needs a home (and remember - Geckos are for life, not for christmas!)
10. Emma needs more prayers (I'm sorry guys, the ones you've been giving have not been enough)
11. Emma needs to gain weight (google knows who I am)
12. Emma needs a BUTTON! (must. press. button)
13. Emma needs a new home by Saturday due to son's allergies (for those of you who have children and don't know it, there is a daycare on the second floor)
14. EMMA NEEDS SURGERY ON HER OTHER HIP (and it was all in caps. But... what happened to my first hip!? o.O)
15. Emma needs an ice pack (it's probably for my hip :( )


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