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[Error: unknown template qotd]Nothing immediately springs to mind... though the zipper on my trousers often slips down - I have 2 pairs of jeans from M&S that do this all the time, and people are constantly like, "Emma - your fly's undone..." I also put my shirt on inside out the other day and walked around town with it like that until a) I noticed and b) found a toilet where I could go and fix it. Oh, and I once put a sweatshirt on right over my bra and forgot to put on a shirt. Plus I've forgotten knickers before. It seems I'm a generally forgetful person. Also, going on swings and various climbing equipment while in ladies' morris dancing kit means people get a nice view of my bloomers. That's about it!

Date: 2009-05-10 10:30 am (UTC)
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I had a short practical training last year in Munich. One guy gave me a tour through the building on my first day introducing me to everyone and their mother. Afterwards I went to the bathroom where I saw that my blouse buttons had come undone. In the middle of my blouse. Wide open. And I was only wearing a bra underneath. And I stood there thinking what the fuck oh my god when did this happen and how many people did see this and not say a word and aaaaaaaargh. ^^ So embarrassed.


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