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[Error: unknown template qotd]Of course it depends on the situation and circumstance, and it depends what exactly is meant by having 'it' easier, whatever 'it' is but...

I would be inclined to say men. They don't have to deal with the whole periods, pregnant, childbirth issue. Also, it's totally true that often a women has to do something twice a well as a man to be thought of as half as good. 

Not to mention that people still use "acting like a girl" or "behaving like a woman" as insults. If it's seen as an insult to be told you're like a woman, this certaoinly suggests to me that people see being a woman as a negative thing. When boys do something badly, let's say football for example, you often hear them shout something like "you kick like a girl!" suggesting that they believe girls are automatically bad players. Or bad at something.

Not even going to go into the whole thing about sleeping with people. If a man sleeps around a bit, it's fine, but if a woman does, she's seen as a whore.

I'm not saying being a man is easy. There are problems men face that women don't. But I think women get given more of a tough time overall. And their bodies generally make them more vulnerable.

Hey, I used to want to be a boy. But now I don't - I'd have to give up dancing in an all ladies' northwest clog morris team. And that would make me sad.
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